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Design for Performance

We perceive sustainability as the disruptive integrated process happening right at the intersection of architecture, environmental engineering and advanced computational analysis. Parametric design and visual programming workflows allow us to comparatively analyse competing project factors and proactively foster evidence-based decision-making.

T62 Studio offers environmental design consultancy and building performance modelling services. We help clients deliver their vision for human-centered, low-energy and resilient spaces.

Overheating UI
London | United Kingdom
Mixed-Use Tower in Lahore
Lahore | Pakistan
  • Views & Visibility​

  • Solar Design​

  • Daylighting

  • Dynamic Thermal Modelling

  • Microclimate

  • LEED Consulting

  • Research & Development

Polixni C[04].jpg

With a genuine approach to architecture, a deep understanding of digital design technologies and a thorough knowledge of building physics, T62 Studio has helped us reinforce our in-house environmental and building energy modelling capabilities. Together, we have pushed the limits of performance-driven design and have redefined the often cumbersome notion of sustainability.

3D Field of View
New York City | USA
House in Polihni
Thessaloniki | Greece

Ralf Lindemann | Head of Design Technology & Innovation

Senior Associate Partner | Pilbrow & Partners | UK

Being at the forefront of the environmental modelling field in the UK, T62 has been a great collaborator of ours. Over the past year, our meetings and discussions have established solid foundations towards innovative design workflows and parametric daylighting tools.

David Maltby

Managing Director | MBS Survey Software | UK

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